Topic 2.2 Nucleic Acid Amplification & Sequencing

Screenshot of videoYou are about to begin Topic 2, Nucleic Acid Amplification & Sequencing

In this topic you’ll learn about the Polymerase Chain Reaction, Amplifying Nucleic Acids, and Nucleic Acid Sequencing. You will start by clicking on the next button at the bottom of the page to being reviewing the basics elements of laboratory safety.



Upon completion of this module topic, you will:

1. be able to set up a Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) using DNA samples, primers, buffer, dNTPs, and polymerase enzyme.  You should be able to explain the significance and role of each component in the reaction.

2. be able to load PCR samples into a thermocycler machine and describe the mechanisms behind the different steps taking place inside of the thermocycler throughout the PCR reaction.

3. be able to explain Real-Time PCR and the two common methods for detection.

4. be able to explain the mechanism of DNA sequencing and identify the advantages of using the Dye Termination method.


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