Topic 2.5 Preparation, Purification, and Quantitation of DNA & RNA

Screenshot of videoYou are about to begin Topic 5, Preparation, Purification, and Quantitation.

In this topic you’ll learn about DNA extraction & purification and the Quantitaion of DNA & RNA. You will start by clicking on the next button at the bottom of the page to being reviewing the basics elements of laboratory safety.


Upon completion of this module topic, you will:

1. be able to isolate plasmid DNA by harvesting bacterial cells through centrifugation.

2. be able to lyse the bacterial cells and extract and purify the plasmid DNA using and following the protocol described in a Qiagen Miniprep or Maxiprep Kit depending upon the amount of plasmid product desired.  You should be able to also explain the buffers and reactions that make up the Qiagen kits.

3. be able to quantitate the concentration of DNA that has been purified through the Qiagen kit protocol using an Ultraviolet spectrophotometer.

4. be able to explain which wavelengths are used to determine concentration and quality.


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